Robert SCHILDER 'Places as Symbols', NCPA Bombay

Robert SCHILDER (1948 - the Hague, the Netherlands

  venue: Piramal Gallery, Bombay (Mumbai) India
  date: 17.07.89 - 11.08.89

He has created a beautiful image and proves his great technical ability.
Polaroid Professional Photography

folder Places as Symbols exhibition in the NCPA of Bombay (Mumbai) INDIA in 1989
folder Places as Symbols exhibition in the NCPA of Bombay (Mumbai) INDIA in 1989

invitation and folder

"Eerst is er de gebeurtenis, die plaats vind op een bepaalde lokatie en tijd. Die gebeurtenis kan klein zijn of van groot belang, maar voegt altijd iets toe aan de lokatie. Op een bepaalde manier krijgen die plaatsen iets gemeenschappelijks, sommige hebben een geheim dat uitgroeid tot een symbool.
Wanneer de gebeurtenis voorbij is, blijft alleen de plaats nog bestaan.
Wat ik nu wil, is dit latente beeld zichtbaar maken"

Beachhouses Ostend Robert Schilder
pfs1301 'Beachhouses', Ostend, Belgium

pfs130450 'back entrance Theatre Royal, Bruxellespfs022
pfs130450 'back entrance Theatre Royal, Bruxelles

pfs129250 East Berlin II Germany
pfs129250 'East Berlin II', Germany

pfs133150 Nurmberg Germany
pfs133150 'Nurmberg', Germany

pfs132950 Friedrichsbad Baden-Baden Germany
pfs132950 'Friedrichsbad', Baden-Baden, Germany

pfs130350 Casin, Ostend Belgium
pfs130350 'Casino', Ostend, Belgium

pfs130250 Hippodrome Ostend Belgium
pfs130250 'Hippodrome', Ostend, Belgium

pfs130750 Serres Royale Lanaken, Belgium
pfs130750 'Serres Royale', Lanaken, Belgium

article in Asian Photography magazine, part I

article in Asian Photography magazine, part II

"Some of his works possess a sensitivity that ideally translates intangible thoughts and feelings into tangible forms and expressions. Endowed with imaginative power, Schilder succeeds in making the metaphysical a reality."

Times of India.
venue: NCPA (National Centre of the Performing Arts)
Bombay, India
date: 1989

"First there is the event,
happening at a certain place at a certain time.
The event may be small or of great importance,
but certainly adds something to the location.

And somehow these places get something in common.
Some of them have a secret that becomes a symbol.
When the event is over only the place remains.
What I want is to make this latent image a visual statement."

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