"Urban landscape is a complex structure which is a result of the interaction between human and his environment. It also involves a social dimension, a cultural dimension and an economic dimension. Urban landscapes are formed and shaped mainly under the influence of human activities. Therefore, they inherit communities’ values, beliefs, symbolic meanings which occur and change throughout the time. They change as communities change, lifestyles change, and world economy change. Thus, they are the physical reflection of urban identity.".
Urban Landscape Trans Siberia Railroad UlaanBaatar Mongolia
Trans Siberia Railroad: UlaanBaatar, Mongolia
Urban Landscape East Berlin
East Berlin 1970s
Urban Landscape Ghant Belgium
Ghant, Belgium
Urban Landscape Valencia Spain
near Valencia Spain
Urban Landscape Factory 798 Beijing China
Factory 798 /Beijing /China
Urban Landscape Prague
Urban Landscape: Lisbon - one way street
Lisbon - one way street
Urban Landscape Cumbuco Brazil football goal 2014
Valencia (Spain) football goal 2014
Urban Landscape - Cumbuco Brazil
Cumbuco - Brazil 2014
Cumbuco Brazil football goal 2014
Urban Landscape - Bruxelles, backentrance to the Theatre Royal
Bruxelles, backentrance to the Theatre Royal 1970s
Urban landscape Belgium Seraing anvil
Seraing (Belgium) - anvil 1980s
Urban Landscape Antwerp Belgium - fresson print
Antwerp - Belgium 1980s - available as a fresson print

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