CV - Bio Robert SCHILDER, photographer

born: 30-10-1948, The Hague, The Netherlands
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'WATER -an Art Project

visualisation of water: exhibition, book, portfolio (2016)


a worldwide circle of 24 renowned photographers in different disciplines who keep each other informed about trends and developments (1989-2018)

exhibition 'The Other Way of Seeing', the Indian Way of Visualising in Photography

'The Other Way of Seeing',

exhibition on the Indian way of visualising in photography
    -Museum voor Volkenkunde, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    -University Leuven, Belgium *
    -Denmarks Fotomuseum, Herning, Denmark, (1996)

'Photography for Sale' group exhibition of CIRCLE-24, -a worldwide view on photography

'Photography for Sale'

group exhibition of CIRCLE-24, -a worldwide view on photography-
    -Galerie 24, The Hague, The Netherlands (1994)
    -Kodak Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (1994)
    -MNS Photogallery, Glasgow, Scotland (1995)
    -Museum for Photography, Helsinki, Finland (1996)
    -Cultural Centre, Stockholm, Sweden (1996)

Digital Reality - extensive workshop about consequences of digital imaging -Glasgow, (1996)

Digital Reality'

extensive workshop about consequences of digital imaging -Glasgow, (1996)

'Trends in Photography and Graphic Design in the Nineties'

'Trends in Photography in the Nineties'

online and ongoing project about the changes in professional photography and graphic design in the nineties.


Corporate Industrial Design Centre (Philips), 1970-1978
independent studio photographer 1978-2018
Clients include national and international companies and advertising agencies


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Places as Symbols, National Centre of the Performing Arts, Mumbay exhibition by Robert Schilder


    -'PERU', Loggia's, Museumplein, Middelburg
    -BANARAS, Leiden, the Netherlands
    -'Places as Symbols', National Centre of the Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbay *>

    -'Duitsland' in het Klein (ao Wagner Festspielhaus), Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    BANARAS, University of Louvain, Belgium,


    ZKK <=> HKK, exhibition Zeeuwse Kunstkring in the gallery of the Haagse Kunstkring, initiator and member of the organising team *
    'Scaldis', Kunstuitleen, Terneuzen
    Triënnale Internationale de la Photography, Fribourg, Switzerland
    ´Photography for Sale´, The Hague, The Netherlands
    ´A worldwide view on Photography´, Kodak Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
    CIRCLE-24, MNS Photogallery, Glasgow, Scotland
    CIRCLE-24, Museum for Photography, Helsinki, Finland
    CIRCLE-24, Museum for Photography, Herning, Denmark

teaching photography at N.I.D. Ahmedabad

LECTURING and workshops at several art- and design schools:

    -N.I.D., Ahmedabad,
    -I.T.T. and J.J.School of Art, Bombay, India
    -Swire School of Design, Hong Kong
    -Glasgow School of Building and Printing, Glasgow (1989)
    -Teesside UK(1990)
    -Grafische school, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 1992



    -Camera, Switzerland
    -PF- magazine, (Photography in India), The Netherlands *
    -Taj-magazine, (Banaras), Bombay 1990 *
    -Kodak magazine, (Wagner exhibition), The Netherlands *
    -Polaroid magazine, (personal work), international 1991 *
    -Asian Photography, (personal work), international 1993

CONSULTANCY in digital imaging:

    Savini & Rüfenacht, Zürich
    MNS Photo colour, Glasgow
    Nu-Age Design, Jakarta, Indonesia

BOOKS and exhibitions on ´Banaras, visions on an eternal city´.

    exhibition in Leuven, Belgium *
    exhibition in Leiden, The Netherlands *

    book: 'BANARAS -city of gods, heart of India' editor text: Winand Callewaert
    book: photography for: 'BENARES -stad van goden, hart van India', text Winand Callewaert

Tiepmiep of Spiderwoman, intranet idea for ministry of SZW


    -, now
    - (english)
    - 'Tiepmiep of Spiderwoman' -idea, photography and implementation of webdesign for intranet secretaries ministry of Social Affairs
    - sailing yacht Gemini
    - New Babylon 3, (board)
    - Inspiration Lab


Active and organising artist for projects and events; member of CBK Zeeland, former (board)member of ZKK

Now working on 'I Can See' academy, improving visual skills, an online course in collaboration with students from all over the world