CV - Bio Robert SCHILDER, photographer

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born: 30-10-1948, The Hague, The Netherlands

'WATER -an Art Project.*
visualisation of water: exhibition, book, collaboration with other artists resulting in a portfolio (2016)

Circle 24 *
a worldwide circle of 24 renowned photographers in different disciplines who keep each other informed about trends and developments (1989-2018)

“The Other Way of Seeing”,
exhibition on the Indian way of visualising in photography,*
    -Museum voor Volkenkunde, Rotterdam, The Netherlands*
    -University Leuven, Belgium*
    -Denmarks Fotomuseum, Herning, Denmark, (1996)*

“Photography for Sale”
group exhibition of Circle24, -a worldwide view on photography-
    -Galerie 24, The Hague, The Netherlands (1994) *
    -Kodak Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (1994) *
    -MNS Photogallery, Glasgow, Scotland (1995) *
    -Museum for Photography, Helsinki, Finland (1996) *
    -Cultural Centre, Stockholm, Sweden (1996) *

“Digital Reality”
extensive workshop about consequences of digital imaging -Glasgow, (1996) *

“Trends in Photography in the Nineties”
online and ongoing project about the changes in professional photography and graphic design in the nineties.

Corporate Industrial Design Centre (Philips), 1970-1978
independent studio photographer 1978-present
Clients include national and international companies and advertising agencies

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    -Loggia's, Museumplein, Middelburg, *
    -Banaras, Leiden, the Netherlands *
    -Places as Symbols, National Centre of the Performing Arts, Bombay *
    -Wagner Festspielhaus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands *
    -Banaras, University of Louvain, Belgium, *

    ZKK => HKK, exhibition Zeeuwse Kunstkring in the gallery of the Haagse Kunstkring, initiator and member of the organising team *
    'Scaldis', Kunstuitleen, Terneuzen *
    Triënnale Internationale de la Photography, Fribourg, Switzerland
    ´Photography for Sale´,. The Hague, The Netherlands, *
    ´A worldwide view on Photography´, Kodak Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, *
    Circle 24, MNS Photogallery, Glasgow, Scotland *
    Circle 24, Museum for Photography, Helsinki, Finland *
    Circle 24, Museum for Photography, Herning, Denmark *

LECTURING and workshops at several art- and design schools:
    -N.I.D., Ahmedabad, *
    -I.T.T. and J.J.School of Art, Bombay, India
    -Swire School of Design, Hong Kong
    -Glasgow School of Building and Printing, Glasgow (1989)
    -Teesside UK(1990)
    -Grafische school, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 1992

    -Camera, Switzerland
    -PF- magazine, (Photography in India), The Netherlands *
    -Taj-magazine, (Banaras), Bombay 1990 *
    -Kodak magazine, (Wagner exhibition), The Netherlands *
    -Polaroid magazine, (personal work), international 1991 *
    -Asian Photography, (personal work), international 1993

CONSULTANCY in digital imaging:
    Savini & Rüfenacht, Zürich
    MNS Photo colour, Glasgow
    Nu-Age Design, Jakarta, Indonesia

Published two BOOKS and exhibitions on ´Banaras, visions on an eternal city´.
    exhibition in Leuven, Belgium *
    exhibition in Leiden, The Netherlands *

    book: "BANARAS -city of gods, heart of India
    book: "BENARES -stad van goden, hart van India

WEBSITE DESIGN: * * * * (english) *
    -idea, photography and implementation of webdesign for intern website secretaries
     ministry of Social Affairs*
    -sailing yacht Gemini:*

At present building a workshop area in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, * and teaching about photography.*
Active and organising artist for projects and events; member of CBK Zeeland *, former (board)member of ZKK *