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-Latest project: 'I Can See Academy', Improving visual skills, an online course in collaboration with students from all over the world (2023)

Inspiring Resources & Ideas. Primarely used for New Babylon 3

-WATER -Art Project, resource file on Pinterest
      -2014SAIL2015, about 2 sailing voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.

-CIRCLE-24. a worldwide foundation of professional photographers who kept each other informed about trends and technologies. (1989-2013)

-Glasgow Architects, early digital work (1999)

-The Other Way of Seeing
Large exhibition about the Indian way of Visualising in Photography

TRENDS in PHOTOGRAPHY in the NINETIES, A visual exploration into the major changes in photography and graphic design trends in the 1990s.
A visual exploration into the major changes in photography and graphic design trends in the 1990s.





-About Collecting Photographs

-AUCTION - vintage and contemporary photography for sale sells vintage and contemporary photography, professional photo equipment, books on photography and the occasional 'garage' item. Although this is not a physical shop you are welcome to visit us any time.

-PEACE-ART Project; JUSTICE on Pinterest



EXHIBITIONS 'about Peru'
A triptych of three artworks about Peru. Consisting three small mixed-media frames and 3 large panels printed on sem-transparent synthetic cloth. Exhibited in various places in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The subjects of the triptych are (from left to right):
1. -belief and superstition, the exploiting of the mummies (the past), tourism as a pillar of culture.
2. -about life, surviving and dying.
3. -the reprehensible role of Inquisition and about the Nasca-lines (straight lines, miles-long, in the desert from an unknown origin.
  venue: Moerzeke -Belgium, Loggia's -Middelburg, Zeeland, ZKK <=> HKK, the Hague (2013)

Robert SCHILDER 'Places as Symbols'
  venue: Galerie 24, Antwerpen
  date: 15.12.93 - 31.1.94

Robert SCHILDER 'Banaras'
  venue: Galerie ´de Kleine Klup´, Leiden, NL,
  date: 11.3.94 - 13.4.94

Robert SCHILDER 'Colourful India'
  venue: Faculteit Leuven, India
  date: 8.11 - 27.11.1993

Robert SCHILDER 'Duitsland in het Klein' Robert Schilder
'The Wagner Exhibition', Photo exhibition for German theatre festival.
  venue: Theater 'Het Klein', Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  date: 12.10- 21.10.1993

Robert SCHILDER 'Places as Symbols',
  venue: NCPA Bombay (National Centre of the Performing Arts) Bombay, India
  date: 17.7.93 - 11.8.93

Robert SCHILDER 'Voting / 'Kiezen' 2e Kamer Den Haag,
'Voting' (Stemmen') Houses of Parliament, the Hague
i.o.v. Eric van Casteren Vormgeving
  venue: 2e Kamer ( entrance hall to house of Representatives), the Hague
  date: 1992

exhibition Robert Schilder in café 'Happy End',
  venue: café 'Happy End' in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
  date: 1987

Triënnale Internationale de la Photographie,
  venue: Fribourg, Switzerland
  date: 1975


SCALDIS - Kunstuitleen, Terneuzen, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

Zeeuwse Kunstkring in the Vleeschhal, Middelburg

Stroom = Schelde of Scaldis
venue: Grote Kerk Veere
groepstentoonstelling Zeeuwse Kunstkring
Installatie "Stroom" Jorien Brugmans (schilderijen en gedichten) / Robert Schilder (foto's)
  venue: Grote Kerk, Veere, Zeeland
  date: 25 juni tot 18 september 2011


Dindi van der Hoek in Aardenburg
expositie autonome fotografie / exhibition autonomous photography
  venue: Doopsgezinde Gemeente de 'Vermaning', Aardenburg, the Netherlands
  date: 06.07.2013 - 15.09.2013


ZKK exposeert in Den Haag
Initiating and organising an exhibition of the ZKK (Zeeuwse Kunstkring) in the gallery of the HKK (Haagse Kunstkring). Obviously, there was a large team at work and curating was done by the participating artists themselves. Jorien Brugmans did a lot of work with organising the poets, who had a separate event and publication.
  venue: Haagse Kunstkring, Denneweg the Hague
  date: 17.4.2013 - 5.5.2013

2012 Tentoonstelling OOST-Zeeuws-Vlaamse kunst in WEST Zeeuws-Vlaanderen
Kunstroute Zeeuws-Vlaanderen met Elaby Berger, Nicole Henderiks, Tonnie Hermans, Luc Ingels, Ronny Ivens, Addie Klaassen, Funda Ozyer, John Pannekoek Loois, Joke Pannekoek Loois, Kris de Roover, Linda Schot, Herman Thielens en Johan van Waes
  venue: Sint-Anna-ter-Muiden, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the Netherlands
  date: 15.09 -16.09.2012

ZKK in Grote Kerk in Veere
Stroom = Schelde of Scaldis
Installatie "Stroom" Jorien Brugmans (schilderijen en gedichten) / Robert Schilder (foto's)
  venue: Grote Kerk, Veere, the Netherlands
groepstentoonstelling (group exhibition)Zeeuwse Kunstkring
  date: 25.06.2011 - 18.09.2011

'TERRA Show',
Kunst uit West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in Oost Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.
  venue: Galerie Terra Groda, Graauw, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the Netherlands
  date: april 2011

Zomer expo, Oostburg
Extremely local and no further use of whatsoever, I found it an enjoyable challenge ('een leuke uitdaging') to turn a vacant Rabobank building into an art gallery during the summer of 2009.
I was able to show the work of artists from where I live, and in a separate room international photography from CIRCLE-24 photographers.
  venue: Rabobank, Oostburg, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the Netherlands
  date: summer of 2009

The 'Watertoren'in Oostburg is a landmark in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Although quite local, it was great fun to organise and curate this one-time exhibition in such a challenging environment.
  venue: WATERTOREN, Oostburg, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen
  date: Easter 2009


Tetsuro Takai, 'What's Real', MNS Photocolour
Tetsuro TAKAI, "What´s Real?" together with a SYMPOSIUM on digital photography."Digital Reality" MNS Photogallery, Glasgow, Scotland
  venue: MNS Photocolour, Glasgow, Scotland
  date: 20.05.96 - 26.07.96

'Living Colour', Ashvin Gatha, MNS Photocolour, Glasgow
  venue: MNS Photocolour, Glasgow, Scotland
  date: 26.2.96 - 26.4.96

'for Sale PHOTOGRAPHY', Finland
Circle-24 groupshow
  venue: the Photographic Museum of Finland, Helsinki
  date: 1.4.96 - 14.4.96

CIRCLE-24 -'A Worldwide View on Photography'
Circle-24 groupshow in MNS Photogallery, Glasgow
Circle 24 group show
  venue: MNS Photogallery, Glasgow, Scotland
  date: 20.11.95 - 20.1.96

Galerie 24, the Hague, the Netherlands

Pauline PRIOR, Galerie 24, Den Haag
Pauline PRIOR is an artist who is engaged in rendering photography three-dimensional. In her photographs and photo-montages, on or in combination with textile, she uses images which illustrate different aspects of a theme.
  venue: Galerie 24, The Hague, The Netherlands.
  date: 10.6.95 - 15.7.95

Kicki ROSENLØF, (Sweden) 'Icons for the Mind'
Galerie 24 presents: 'Icons for the Mind' by Kicki Rosenløf
  venue: GALERIE 24, the Hague, the Netherlands
  date: 16.03.1995 - 22.04.1995

Denmark, Herning,' the Other Way of Seeing'
exhibition on the Indian way of visualising in photography
  venue: Denmark's Foto Museum, Herning, Denmark
  date: 08.03.95

Taffi ROSEN ' one and Goddesses
An ongoing kaleidoscope of pregnant nudes symbolizing power and beauty in various moods and poses.
  venue: Galerie 24, The Hague
  date: 08.02.95-11.03.95

Sacha KOULITCHOV Galerie 24, the Hague
Manipulated photography. These photographs have become an important part of Sacha Koulitchov´s research into individualisation and becoming oneself.
  venue: Galerie 24, The Hague,
  date: 21.12.94 - 28.1.95

'Circle 24- 'A worldwide view on photography
  venue: Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo
  date: 16.11.94 - 22.11.94

Vinod DAVE,
Mixed media. His expressive and powerful imagery provides insight into a younger generation of modern Indian art.
  venue: Galerie 24, Den Haag
  date: 9.11.94 - 17.12.94

'Photography for Sale' CIRCLE-24 group show - international photography. 
Examples of works by all Circle members.
  venue: Galerie 24, The Hague, The Netherlands
  date: 24.9.94 - 5.11.94

Taffi ROSEN, Redhead Studios
Canadian art photography.
  venue: Galerie 24, Antwerp
  date: 1.6.94 - 2.7.94

'Between Ideal and Reality' Galerie 24, Antwerpen
Young Swiss photography'. Eight young talents from different fields of photography. The exhibition gives an insight in the current Swiss photo scene. Co-ordination in Switzerland: Dennis Savini (Circle-24).
  venue: Galerie 24, Leeuwenstraat 6, Antwerp, Belgium
  date: 16.4.94 - 21.5.94

Sacha KOULITCHOV manipulated photography.
  venue: Galerie 24, Antwerp.
  date: 4.3.94 - 9.4.94

Robert SCHILDER 'Banaras'
  venue: Galerie ´de Kleine Klup´, Leiden, NL,
  date: 11.3.94 - 13.4.94

Tetsuro TAKAI 'What's Real?' NCPA Bombay
  venue: an exhibition by Tetsuro TAKAI 'What's Real?' NCPA (National Centre for the Performing Arts
Centre for Photography as an Art Form) Bombay, India
  date: 19.11.1993 - 12.12.1993

'Living color' Ashvin GATHA- editorial photography.
  venue: Galerie 24, Antwerp.
  date: 29.10.93 - 15.12.93

'the Other Way of Seeing'
  venue: Leuven University, Belgium.

Denmark, Herning,' the Other Way of Seeing'
  venue: Denmark's Foto Museum, Herning, Denmark
  date: 29.09.1993 - 14.10.1993

'The Other Way of Seeing', Museum voor Volkenkunde, Rotterdam
The Other Way of Seeing An exhibition of vintage and contemporary Indian photography which clearly shows that their photographic manner of seeing is different to that of the western world.
Idea and realization: Robert Schilder.
  venue: Museum of Antropology, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  date: 14.11.92 - 31.1.93

Tetsuro TAKAI 'Japanese studio photography'
  venue: Galerie 24, Antwerp, Belgium
  date: 10.9.93 - 9.10.93

Tetsuro TAKAI 'What's Real?' NCPA Bombay
  venue: an exhibition by Tetsuro TAKAI, NCPA (National Centre for the Performing Arts
Centre for Photography as an Art Form) Bombay, India
  date: 19-11-1993 - 12-12-1993

Reinheim meeting
Denmark meeting
  1.5.99-13.6.99 Taffi Rosen' personal exhibition &
Circle 24 Meeting  Danmarks Fotomuseum, Herning, Danmark



better photography I
When you go out to make photographs, do so with the sole intention:"I want to see how it looks on a photograph".

about reality and truth in photography
A photograph is never more than a mere reflection of reality:

CIRCLE-24 -Sabine KORTH (Italy)
Sabine Korth is conducting workshops in beautiful Tuscany for photography enthousiasts.

Imagination, also called the faculty of imagining, is the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing or other senses.

'To See Again'. Annie Leibovitz's Pilgrimage in the Dark

10 Movies Every Photographer Should Watch
10 Movies Every Photographer Should Watch By Sandra Iakovleva, Content Marketing Manager at Depositphotos.

Narrative Image: the How and Why of Visual Storytelling
Here is a slide show by Daniela Molnar about the how and why of Visual Storytelling

about 'ART' and being famous ...
Today Kieron is one of the world's youngest, globally reaching artists. His recent work has seen bids from over 35 different countries. He has over 6000 fans on his mailing list, featured all over YouTube and the world's media websites.....

the concept of 'time' in photography
You can never see 'now', light travels at a certain speed, so you always look in the past.
Photography stops that.

Art & photography II
Ever since the invention of photography, photography has been trying to bite the tail of art.

Art & Photography I
A mentally ill person may paint as part of his therapy, or a small child can make a drawing in art class.

PROJECT -'Photography for Sale'
Why is one photograph expensive to buy and the other not?

better photography I
When you go out to make photographs, do so with the sole intention:"I want to see how it looks on a photograph".

about reality and truth in photography
A photograph is never more than a mere reflection of reality:

'The Other Way of Seeing' -photographer unknown

Besides from being the obvious Pavlov thing: You have learned that red is hot and danger and that white is clean (which you were not at a very young age) there may be more associations with colour than that.

holiday snapshots
We all take our cameras while on vacation to make 'snapshots'.

about books with special interest to me

Can you dedicate a blog?
Why not?

Why this blog?
You may wonder why?
Basically because I have so many photographs, not all made by me, which I would like to share with you and get some comments on.


-Georgia& Türkiye
      -ANI - excavation site
-Trans Siberia Express
-Spain Portugal
TRAVEL -BANARAS 'tier on the other shore of the Ganges'

Here's one from a series which I like to call 'signs of mankind'. Well, you must admit we can make a mess of things. Still, it looks interesting and I don't know why, perhaps the grinning traffic sign?

Ostend is a place of nostalgia. A city on the coast of Belgium which still has the atmosphere of 'fin-de-siécle' of late 1800.

TRAVEL -INDIA|: Banaras 'maharadja Vibhuti Narain Singh'

TRAVEL -HUNGARY 'grafitti'

TRAVEL -POLAND: 'Grabarka'
A few years ago I was in Poland with Wiestaw Zielinski.

TRAVEL MACAO: 'Chinese funeral money'


TRAVEL -FRANCE -'Ile Saint Louis' (Paris)

When you are born in Banaras, you are part of a history and intrinsic art and culture of more than 3000 years old.

TRAVEL -Banaras 'the Steps ..'
Banaras -the Steps


More handbound Art Jounals & Portfolios
3 Handbound portfolio Art journals for Quilt artists
Design, printing and binding of 3 booklets for Els van Baarle, Cherilyn Martin, Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma.
The handmade paper has been made by the artists themselves.

Kunstroute Zeeuws-Vlaanderen
Handmade and handbound artist book about the Kunstroute in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen 2013. With the use of stickers, pasted photos, paint, plant leaves, artefacts, with qr-codes linked to the website and roadmaps to the various locations. Integrated with posters, leaflets, advertisements and flags.

A memory game and two Art Journals handmade and handbound
A memory game (24 cards from the history of the Atlantic Ocean) and 2 travel journals of our adventures while sailing.

Set of 5 Art Cards about the discovery and history of our Oceans.
Christmas gift of 5 Ocean related Art Cards
Have a set of 5 Art Cards send as a Christmas gift (or as a present for any occasion really) to the address of your choice. The subjects on the cards are related to the discovery and history of our Oceans. A compliment slip can be included with your personal message!

'Sail' around the world in 80 pages
The book 'Sail around the world in 80 pages' covers many interesting facts of the great discovery voyages as well as some in depth information about our Oceans. With topics as diverse as 'Who discovered America?' (it was not Columbus, that is for sure), 'Whaling in the Azores', Utopia, the chronometer of James Harrison and 'Napoleon at Saint Helena' or: slavery, 'pollution of the oceans' and overfishing.