Set of 5 Art Cards about the discovery and history of our Oceans.

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Christmas gift of 5 Ocean related Art Cards 1- Have a set of 5 Art Cards send as a Christmas gift (or present for any occasion really) to the address of your choice. The subjects on the cards are related to the discovery and history of our Oceans

    A compliment slip will be included with your personal message!

 set of five discovery - sailing Art Cards send to your address of choice

      One package costs US$ 10.00 only, Postage is depending on the destination, no extra costs for handling etc.

Other possibilities are:
2- Choose your own cards and contents
3- Have the package printed with your logo and send to your clients or customers

send an e-mail with your preferences or questions.

Please remember that by ordering these cards, you are supporting an important Art Project

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