More handbound Art Jounals & Portfolios

3 handbound portfolios for quilt artists3 portfolio Art journals for Quilt artists

Design, printing and binding of 3 booklets for Els van Baarle, Cherilyn Martin, Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma
The handmade paper has been made by the artists themselves.

click the images for a much larger picture

2 handbound booklets for an exchange between two art circlesZKK - HKK

For the exhibition ZKK -HKK (art exhibition of the Zeeuwse Kunstkring in the gallery of the Haagse Kunstkring) 2 booklets; one with the exhibited art and one with poems from a special exchange happening.

Zeeuws-Vlaamse kunst 2011 mmv. 'Knooppunt 44', boekbinders, Zuidzande. idea & realisation: Robert Schilder

an art journal for STIQS, a group of quilt artists

handmade / handbound art journal for a group of quilt artists

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