'Sail' around the world in 80 pages

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Sail around the World in 80 Pages

The book 'Sail' around the world in 80 pages' covers many interesting facts of the great discovery voyages as well as some in depth information about our Oceans. With topics as diverse as "Who discovered America?" (it was not Columbus, that is for sure), "Whaling in the Azores", Utopia, the chronometer of James Harrison and Napoleon at Saint Helena or: slavery, pollution of the oceans and overfishing.

The idea was born on 2 long sailing trips on the Atlantic Oceaan, first voyage from Simonstown (SA) round Cape of Good Hope, via Namibia to Fortaleza in Brazil and the second trip from Sint Maarten (Caribean) via Bermuda and the Azores to Europe.

example from Sail around the World in 80 Pages

A continuous book of 80 pages in a harmonica form, meaning you get 80 full-colour front pages and 80 reverses with drawings, etchings and info-graphics.

It is interactive, all images in the book have numbers which, with the correct webaddress, will send you to a large archive (resources.html) on the internet with much more information.

It is handbound in a piece of sail from sy-GEMINI, the sailing boat with which the voyages were made.

This book is published to raise money for an upcoming exhibition of art photography, travelling the world.

Buy the book, still at the reduced price of € 30,-- + postage, is a perfect gift and consider yourself a sponsor for a great art event.

500 copies, size 13x18 cm. 80 pages with printed reverse.

author: Robert Schilder (robertsblogonphotography.blogspot.com/)

ISBN 978-90-816955-5-8

this publication is part of a traveling art exhibition www.WATER-artproject.com


to preorder send an e-mail: robertschilder@gmail.com

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