When you are born in Banaras, you are part of a history and intrinsic art and culture of more than 3000 years old. And it must be great to grow up in a such a city with freedom to play in the numerous alleys with stories on every doorstep, the hundreds of temples and on the ghats, the embankments to the river Ganges. Yet it will be very difficult to escape from this tradition and culture when you grow older.

This photograph is part of a book I made: "Banaras, city of Gods, heart of India"

Kashi, Banaras, Varanasi, INDIA.

ISBN 90-6831-956-6 BENARES "Stad van Goden Hart van India"
ISBN 81-7010-302-9 BANARAS "Visions of a Living ancient Tradition" You can purchase digital files or prints from the photographs of these books and many more from

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