about CIRCLE-24

CIRCLE-24  (1989 - 2018)
 - network of internationally renowned photographers 
 - World-wide exchange of information and ideas 
 - collaborative projects across the world 
 - seminars, workshops, lectures 
 - world-wide exchange of exhibitions

We are convinced that the key to our future lies in understanding how other cultures communicate.
"We are convinced that the key to our future lies in understanding how other cultures communicate." , says Robert Schilder. 
Photographers from all over the world found each other in CIRCLE-24. All of them were driven by a constant search for quality and the ideal that photography is more than just a profession. For them, it is firstly a means of personal expression; a way to express their individual visions to others.

The concept for CIRCLE-24 was borne out of the realisation that one-sided, western photography has for too long determined standards.  At CIRCLE-24 we believe that exchanges between cultures are very refreshing and revealing.  Seeing how photographers from other countries and cultures operate is not only interesting for the observer, it also teaches the professional photographer, who must appeal to international markets, more about his or her own visual imagery.  In addition, the photographer's work is continually enhanced and stimulated by coming into contact with such diverse variety. They are driven by a constant search for quality and the ideal that photography is more than just a profession.

The geographical distribution of the members guaranteed the wholly professional expression of ideas and exchanges of trends, techniques and developments. There is no question of personal competition among the members. In fact, the Circle actually promotes joint projects and exhibitions. Also, via Galerie 24, the Circle members have access to an international market.

The Circle PR office established contacts with renowned and respected arts organisations throughout the world.

CIRCLE-24 was (until 2018)  a non-profit organisation.

about the book "Photography for Sale":
With the contents of this book we would like to shed some light upon the way in which the market value of art photography is determined. The uncertainty as to how prices are reached is certainly a contributing factor towards the lack of enthusiasm in sale of photographs in some countries, compared with the interest shown in USA, Japan, Germany and France.

Why should one photograph cost US$ 100 and another US$ 100,000? For example, in 1993 Sotheby’s in New York had an auction turnover of US$ 5,000,000 (highest recorded sale was Edward S.Curtis’ albums on the North American Indians for US$ 662,500) despite this, building up a photography collection does not have to be expensive. It is still possible to obtain photographs from galleries, auctions, antique dealers and the photographers directly at reasonable prices.

Further in this book you will find an informative article, written by Kaspar M.Fleischmann from the world-famous Stockeregg Gallery in Zürich, which discusses the various methods of collecting. By means of a short historical review, he shows how a valuable collection can be assembled.

The photographs in this book have been made by the members of ‘Circle 24’, a worldwide group of renowned photographers who work in different disciplines in photography and have many exhibitions and publications to their name. This book has been published to mark the opening of Galerie 24, an international centre of photography in the Hague and to cover the subsequent exhibition of Circle 24 in the Kodak Photo Salon in Tokyo, from 16 to 22 November 1994.

“We are convinced that the key to a successful future lies in our understanding of how other cultures communicate.”


Galerie 24 is a platform for international photography whose main function is to serve as a central point for Circle 24 - an established network of internationally known photographers. The gallery also exhibits work of other photographers who represent new ideas and trends.

Via contact with photographers throughout the world and access to valuable archives, GALERIE 24 offered a wide range of styles and themes underlining the intercultural character of the gallery.

Sándor Benkö - Hungary

Per-Erik Berglund - Sweden

Tim Besserer - Germany 
(1952, Germany, father of two)

Jyoti Bhatt - India
Artist, and teacher of fine art and photography

Kunal Bhendé - India

Paul Biddle - UK

Manuel da Costa - Brazil 

Vinod Dave - USA

Joseph Fung - Hong Kong (1938 Guangzhou, China)

Ashvin Gatha - Switzerland 
(1941, Gujarat, India)

Sacha Koulitchov - the Netherlands 
(1950, Leningrad, USSR)

 Eldad Maestro - Israel
(1954, Israel)

Gunnar Merrild - Denmark (Fotografi)
Fashion photography

T.S.Nagarajan - India
(1932 Karnataka, India)

Vasant Nayak - USA

Nu-Age: Emmo Italiaander - Indonesia

Occhiomagico - Italy
(1949 Milan, Italy)

Neil Robinson - England
Specializes in studio and corporate photography

Savini & Ruefenacht - Switzerland

Taffi Rosen - Canada

Robert Schilder - the Netherlands -founder of Circle 24
(1948 the Hague, Holland)

Tetsuro Takai - Japan
(1951 Gifu City, Japan)

Wiestaw Mariusz Zielinski - Poland

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